• Herbal Hand Body Lotion, deeply penetrating, no oily or greasy residue, herbal extracts, nourishing lotion, hydrate and moisturize, minor skin problems.

    Hand Body Lotion

    The almond and avocado will deeply penetrate your skin to leave it soft and moisture filled while the soy, centella, green tea and white lily will promote a healthier and younger looking skin.
  • Herbal Healing Cream, proven to be one of the most versatile products to be used on cuts, scrapes, burns, eczema, psoriasis, topical allergies, rashes.

    Healing Cream

    Our Healing Cream, famed for its healing and restorative properties, contains a selection of herbs, such as centella, white lily, aloe, birch, calendula, chickweed etc to help heal wounds, burns, assist with psoriasis and other problems.
  • Herbal Stretch Mark Gel, prevent stretch marks forming when pregnant, during weight gain or if you are growing fast or busy bodybuilding.

    Stretch Mark Gel

    The active ingredients will prevent stretch marks, and help heal the ones already formed and include calendula, centella, chickweed, ginseng, green tea, hibiscus, horsetail, ivy, lady's mantle and marshmallow to work in perfect harmony, to help heal and prevent stretch marks.