• Herbal Eye Gel, proven effective in reducing black rings, bags under the eyes and general eye puffiness, non-greasy, no-oily gel formulation

    Herbal Eye Gel

    This popular product removes dark rings, bags under the eyes and puffy eyes. It contains butcher's broom, centella, camomile, cornflower, green tea, horsetail, ivy, lady's mantle, extract of germinated wheat, as well as rosehip to keep your eye area looking young and smooth.
  • Herbal Face Wash, mild, gentle, effective face cleanser, remove pollution oil grit grime, no drying or stripping skin of its natural acid mantle protection.
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    Herbal Face Wash

    This ultra-mild face wash will gently, yet effectively cleanse your skin while improving the tone, quality and health of your skin. It contains various herbs such as camomile, hibiscus, soy and white lily.
  • Herbal Mud Face Mask, concentrated facial mask that should be used weekly to obtain and maintain your youthful skin, no artificial fragrances or colorant
    This mask helps clear the skin and boosts the health of your skin, with almond, aloe, centella, MSM, oats, rosehip, soy, tea tree, kaolin, as well as thermal mud. It should be used weekly for a fresh and young looking complexion.
  • Toner Facial Spritzer cleansing and correcting the PH balance of your skin. Heals, encourages collagen formation, reduces and calms inflammation.
  • Herbal Moisturizing Day Cream, provides abundant hydration and moisture, keeping your skin looking youthful and to keep the signs of aging at bay.
    This superb moisturizing day cream is compatible for all skin types. It actively helps to fight aging and contains centella, camomile, hibiscus, rose, rosehip, soy and white lily extracts.
  • Nourishing Night Cream, best way to provide your skin with nourishment at night, help skin repair damage done during the day,prepare skin for day ahead.
    Not only will our night cream deeply nourish the skin, but will fight aging and free radicals with botanical extracts of aloe, calendula, centella, camomile, ginseng, green tea, jojoba, rosehip, rosemary and added vitamin E.
  • Olinat Base Cream, was created for our clients that want to use a pure natural moisturizing cream - without harsh chemicals.
    To make things easy in making your own face cream we now offer you Olinat pure natural organic moisturizing face cream which was especially formulated in such a way as to accommodate the addition of essential oils to it, in order to provide clients the flexibility of adding therapeutic properties to the cream of their choosing.