• Olinat Base Cream, was created for our clients that want to use a pure natural moisturizing cream - without harsh chemicals.

Olinat Base Cream


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To make things easy in making your own face cream we now offer you Olinat pure natural organic moisturizing face cream which was especially formulated in such a way as to accommodate the addition of essential oils to it, in order to provide clients the flexibility of adding therapeutic properties to the cream of their choosing.

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Product Description

Olinat Base Cream, our amazing natural moisturizing cream has been formulated in such a way as to offer you great moisturizing and hydrating properties plus it allows you to add essential oils to the cream giving you the freedom to create your own unique facial cream.

Most standard creams will not be able to take the addition of essential oils yet the Olinat Base Cream natural moisturizing cream was formulated to be able to hold essential oil.

Pure natural organic ingredients

It took our research and formulation team some time to finalize the formulation of Olinat as they had to look at creating a cream that is not only an effective moisturizer and hydrating cream but to ensure that organic principles were followed when sourcing the ingredients.

Olinat Base Cream free of…

Although our research team had great obstacles when creating this face cream they did so under the guidance of what we perceive our clients to be looking for.

People have the right to choose what they use and although there may be some heated debate about the merits or demerits of certain cosmetic ingredients we strive to supply our client with what they need.

With this in mind the natural organic facial Olinat Base Cream was developed to be

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