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Sallamander Manufacturing CC

We are a small company that was founded as Sallamander Concepts (Pty) Ltd by Michael Meyer in 1998, as an extension to his quest to find the fountain of youth and, to quote him, “make living and aging a stunning experience”. In 2023 we decided to close Sallamander Concepts (Pty) Ltd and to continue trading as Ageless Health. We are registered as Sallamander Manufacturing CC.

Development of anti-aging products

To achieve this, he believed in looking at aging from different angles – and to then create workable models and products to achieve his goal. Working with this as his basis, he then decided on manufacturing and supplying anti-ageing products and ranges to help achieve his vision and goals.

Therefore, all products made by Sallamander Manufacturing CC T/A Ageless Health have to comply with formulations that are clinically stipulated by research laboratories. This then ensures that only products that actually work are manufactured by the company, and that claims can be substantiated.

Although Michael accepted that normal aging is an immutable fact of nature, we aim to retard and contain the negative effects of aging, to prevent premature aging and to help people retain their quality of life during the normal process of growing older.

Unfortunately, Michael Meyer passed away in 2011 and his life partner, Duane Milne took up the reins of the company and is following in his footsteps.

Ageless anti-aging herbal products

The first range of products to be made by Sallamander Concepts was the Ageless herbal anti-aging range of products. This range consists of a no-nonsense, but very clever and effective skin care range as well as body grooming products. All products use herbal and botanical extracts in most sophisticated ways, and rely on the therapeutic properties of herbs.

Essential oils

Touching on a more esoteric side of holistic health, we also supply a wide variety of 100% pure and natural essential oils.

The very expensive oils – like jasmine, sandalwood and rose oil are offered at a 25% blend – but this is not done to “water-down” the oils – but merely to offer a more affordable option for people to buy. These 25% blends are CLEARLY marked, and we do not try to pass them off as anything else.

Olinat pure natural moisturizing face cream

Olinat cream was developed especially for people that want only a pure, natural organic moisturizing facial cream. Even the preservative used in Olinat is Eco-Certified. Apart from being “all-natural”, Olinat is a superb moisturizing cream containing natural vitamin E and other moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients.

Olinat can be used as a very effective excipient (base or carrier) for essential oils. This will enable you to develop your own personalised creams and lotions to use on your face and body.

Pricing, fair trade and the environment

Some people find our prices very low for what they are – and yes, people get excellent value for the quality of products that they buy from us.

It must be kept in mind that we buy all our base products at source (we do not use intermediates or ‘middle-men’).

Since we are a very small company our overhead costs are kept to a minimum and we can therefore offer our clients excellent value for money, for superior quality products.

As a company we believe in paying our producers – some of them found in very remote areas – a fair price for their goods, to ensure that they can afford decent working conditions and that child labor isn’t used. We also aim to help with the upliftment of previously disadvantaged people in South Africa.

All our base materials are from renewable resources and are grown and harvested in a sustainable way and we are sensitive to the ecological needs of the environment.

Unlike other companies, we do not tout any “eco-certification”, but work to our own set of stringent rules.


With our head office in South Africa, we embrace the world’s most liberal and transparent constitution and bill of rights.

In keeping with this spirit, we believe in full disclosure and supply detailed information to all our clients on all our products – in order for our clients to make an informed decision when spending their money.

Money-Back Guarantee

For information on our Money-Back Guarantee, please click here.

Registration of Company

We are a registered company, incorporated under South African law, registered for tax, VAT and SARS Excise and Duty. We hold valid importer’s and exporter’s Codes and certification, our bank account complies to FICA requirements (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) and our credit card processing is PCI DSS compliant.

Cosmetic products

All cosmetic products manufactured by us comply with international standards and are registered with relevant authorities.

Buying from us

We accept orders from all around the world, but we cannot send to some countries due to local restrictions on imports. Most countries in South America seem to have very strict import regulations and we are somewhat wary to send parcels to a destination in South America.

We also do not factor in any Customs duty that may be payable by shoppers on our site – some countries base their import duty on the cost of goods imported and some countries base the import duty on the cost of goods imported and include the shipping fee.

You will have to pay any import duty if we must ship to you outside of South Africa.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and a big thank you to our regular clients – we appreciate your support and unwavering loyalty.

Duane Milne