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Anointing Oils Gift Pack


Anointing Oils Pack: 4 X 10ml bottles of Exodus 30 Blend, John 3 Blend, Frankincense Blend and Hyssop Anointing Blend conveniently packed together.

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Exodus 30 Anointing Blend

Included in our Anointing Oils Pack:

Exodus 30 Anointing Oil – 10ml

Myrrh, Cinnamon, Calamus and Cassia essential oils blended into Olive Oil.

This blend must be consecrated (prayed over and blessed) before being used to anoint and purify people, places and furnishings.

Biblical passages of interest: Exodus 30 and 1 Peter 2:5-9

How to Anoint

Included in our Anointing Oils Pack:

Frankincense Anointing Oil – 10ml

Frankincense essential oil on a base of Olive oil.

Commonly used during prayer and meditation on the bible.

Frankincense oil soothes and calms the mind, slowing down and deepening breathing and is excellent for use when meditating. It also helps to calm anxiety and obsessive states linked to the past.

Biblical passages of interest: Song of Solomon 4:6, Exodus 30 and Matthew 2:11

How to Anoint

On the respiratory tract, it clears the lungs and helps with shortness of breath, asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, coughs and colds.

It can be useful to ease heavy periods, is a general tonic to the uterus and has a calming effect during labor. It is also most helpful for rheumatism and has a positive impact on the urinary tract.

Frankincense oil is said to help rejuvenate an ageing skin, is a skin tonic and is effective with sores, carbuncles, wounds, scars and skin inflammation.

Included in our Anointing Oils Pack:

Hyssop Anointing Oil – 10ml

Hyssop essential oil on a base of Olive Oil

This blend must be consecrated (prayed over and blessed) to be used for cleansing and purification of people, furnishings and places.

Hyssop oil gives a feeling of alertness and helps with anxiety and fatigue and is therefore useful during convalescence as a tonic. It is also effective in cases of respiratory problems and viral infections, such as colds, coughs, sore throats, influenza, bronchitis, asthma, catarrh and tonsillitis.

It helps with colic, flatulence and indigestion, while it helps to regulate circulation and is helpful when used to raise low blood pressure.

During monthly periods, where water retention can be a problem, hyssop oil helps to balance this. In general, this oil benefits the menstrual cycle and helps with amenorrhea and leucorrhoea. It has good healing properties and helps with bruises as well.

Biblical passages of interest: Psalm 51:7, Numbers 19:18 and John 19:29

How to Anoint

Included in our Anointing Oils Pack:

John 12 Anointing Oil – 10ml

Spikenard essential oil blended into Olive Oil

Used by Mary (sister to Lazarus) to anoint Jesus.

As stated in the biblical passage, Nard or Spikenard oil was used to wash the feet of Jesus Christ. Spikenard is known as a sedative and has relaxing properties and a wonderful scent. It was used as a perfume and deodorant in ancient days. Nard or Spikenard oil was also used in skin care for rough skin, with olive oil for haemorrhoids, applied to the stomach area to help with digestion and on wounds or cuts to help disinfect and speed healing.

When applied to the feet and crown of the head, this blend of oil is said to help to ground a person, promote equilibrium and to enhance spiritual stability.

Biblical passages of interest: John 12:1-3, Mark 14:3 and Song of Solomon 4:14

How to Anoint

Precautions to take when using


Essential oils are extremely potent – you should only use a small amount.

We suggest that pregnant and breast feeding women should not use this blend without first consulting their medical practitioner.

Beware of staining on furniture and fabric.  Oil dropped on surfaces may be slippery and cause accidents.

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