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Dry and Mature Skin Blend – 100 ml


Dry and Mature Skin Blend – A special blend of Jojoba Almond and Avocado oil as well as Rosehip with Sandalwood, Frankincense, Jasmine and Lavender essential oils.

Dry skin is not only uncomfortable but can also be sensitive prone to skin ailments and can also age quicker than its normal and more moisturized and lubricated counterpart.

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Information on our Dry Mature Skin Blend

Use our Dry Mature Skin Blend for the most naturally effective daily skin treatment.

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There are normally countless remedies for oily skin, yet few really effective ointments, balms or lotions are available for dry, flaky and parched skin.

Optimum skin health demands that the skin should have a certain level of moisture, as well as lubrication, to keep it firm, elastic and healthy. When the skin has a tendency towards having too little moisture and lacking in normal lubrication (a low level of sebum) the result would be a dry, lifeless and vulnerable skin, lacking in good tone and elasticity – which could be accompanied by flakiness and a distinct scaly look, which becomes far more pronounced in cold and dry weather.

Since we have received repeated requests from clients to mix a special oil blend to help with their dry skin, we have decided to make this blend commercially available via our website, since there seems to be a large amount of people suffering with this problem.

Formulation of our Dry Mature Skin Blend

  • Due to the fact that dry skin can be located on the face or the body, we formulated the Dry Mature Skin Blend in such a way that it can be used on both – being fine enough to use on the face, yet providing adequate nourishment to help the skin of the body as well. The essential oils were also carefully selected after due consideration was given to clients comments and suggestions. In other words, this blend is the result of feedback given by clients on what combination of oils they found to be most successful.

Included in our formulation:

How to use our Dry Mature Skin Blend

After a bath, or washing your face, dry the area well and wait for a minute or two to allow excess moisture from the washing to evaporate from your skin. When the skin is totally dry, pour a small amount of the Dry Mature Skin Blend into the palm of your hand and rub the oil between your hands, and then gently rub it onto the affected area.

The blend will be easily absorbed and will leave your skin far softer and smoother.

Although the carrier oils on their own will help to moisturize the skin, the full therapeutic effect of the essential oils will take a couple of days to start manifesting, giving you a more balanced skin.

This blend can be used for a back and neck massage or a full body massage, particularly if the skin is very dry, or if it is Winter.

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