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Thieves Spiritual oil Blend (10ml and 100 ml)


Thieves Spiritual Oil Blend – Ancient essential oil blend to protect from and treat bacterial and viral infections, prevent and cure lesions and edema.

Please note that although a study (see link here) found that thieves oil blend effectively lowers three different types of bacteria in the air if used in an aerosol spray, we currently cannot find any scientific proof that the thieves blend has any effect on the Novel Corona Virus – COVID-19 or any other virus.

Information on our Thieves Blend

Our Thieves blend is a blend of pure, mystical and ancient essential oils of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary on a base of anti-oxidant Grape Seed oil.

Thieves blend, discovered to have been in use since the 1600’s, is a anti-microbial  blend of essential oils thought to help protect against influenza and other viral infections.

Our Thieves Spiritual oil Blend has been specifically created to mimic the blend of essential oils first discovered to be used in the 15th century. This blend has been used for centuries to help cure and prevent colds, swelling of the joints and cancerous lesions. Certain studies suggest that the essential oils contained help to destroy bacteria.

Gently massage into the temples, pulses of the body and soles of the feet of robust adults.

Use in a burner or vaporiser to help disinfect a room, or add to a base cream or oil for more general and safer use on the skin.

Formulation of our Thieves Spiritual oil Blend

The carrier oil and essential oils in this blend have been selected to mimic the blend used since the 1600’s in ancient Europe.

This ready to use blend has been created following the guidelines for modern usage of essential oils.


Extreme care should be taken when using this blend on the elderly, infirm and very young.

Do NOT use if you are pregnant, as safety of use has not been established in pregnancy.

The blend may stain fabric, wood and certain metals and plastic. It is suggested that a sample of the material should be tested first. Care should be taken when using the blend as it is oily and will make surfaces slippery.

How to use our Thieves Spiritual oil Blend

‘Less is more’ is a common rule of thumb when using essential oils and essential oil blends.

Burners and Vaporisers

Our Thieves Spiritual oil Blend can be added to a burner or vaporiser to infuse the surrounding area with the therapeutic mixed aroma of the carefully selected hydrophobic liquids.

This is thought by some to help eradicate the spread of germs.

Blended massage Oil and in the Bath

A small amount of our Thieves Spiritual Blend can be used in a bath or  as a massage oil.

This is thought to be beneficial in treating bacterial infections, edema and skin lesions.

Added to a Cream or Lotion

A small amount of our Thieves Spiritual oil Blend can be added to a cream or lotion (or to our Olinat base cream). This blend is thought to be helpful in curing and preventing bacterial infections, edema and skin lesions.

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10ml, 100ml