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Recipes – dogs and large farm animals

Water solution for a spritzer

Wash your container, spray nozzle and tube with soapy water, rinse and let it dry.

To make a 100 ml solution mix:

15 ml Alcohol with 85 ml drinking water that has been boiled vigorously and then cooled / distilled water

Add no more than 2 ml (30 drops) essential oil for large breed dogs (refer to dilution rates for differing sizes, state of health and age)

Shake well before using and shake repeatedly while using.

20 grams Beeswax

50 grams boiled (allow to cool until warm) water or hydrosol

150 grams carrier oil


Place the beeswax and carrier oil in a bowl over a pot of boiling water. Using a whisk, combine the beeswax and oil while slowly adding a quarter of your warm water/hydrosol to the mixture. When the beeswax has dissolved, take your bowl off the boiling water and gradually add the rest of your water/hydrosol. Wait for the mixture to cool a little further and then add your essential oil.

We also sell a natural carrier cream called Olinat that can be used as a base for a salve.

Aromatherapy for Animals

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