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Insomnia Blend – 100 ml


Insomnia Blend – A special blend of Grape seed oil with Lavender, Roman Camomile, Ylang-Ylang Neroli, Sandalwood and Marjoram essential oils.

Not being able to fall asleep is bad enough but not having enough sleep the night before also impacts on our productivity.

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Information on our Insomnia and Sleeplessness Blend

Tossing and turning the night away, without being able to fall asleep, is far from the best experience to prepare you for fighting your battles the next day, yet millions of people suffer from insomnia.

A quick-fix remedy would be to pop a couple of sleeping tablets, yet these habit forming drugs may cause more problems and may exacerbate  your sleeplessness if used over long periods of time.

The cause of insomnia must also be found and dealt with – be that pain, fatigue, worry, excess stress, diet – either eating too much or too little, using too many stimulants like coffee, etc.

Using our Insomnia Blend may be just the thing to use, helping you relax to sleep.

A warm relaxing bath before bedtime can also help to induce sleeping, and pure essential oils can be used very effectively when added to your bath before going to sleep.

Formulation of Insomnia Blend

With more and more people understanding the need to move away from synthetic drug compounds, and to look for alternative natural remedies, and we have had numerous requests from clients and retail companies, to blend and supply a mix specifically targeting insomnia. The blend that we achieved is based on the feedback received from clients, and has proven to be popular.

How to use Insomnia Blend

Our Insomnia Blend can be applied by gently massaging small amounts onto all easy-to-reach areas of the body about half an hour before getting into bed to sleep.

Special attention can also be given to the neck and shoulder areas, and some people also massage a small amount onto their temples.

An alternative way to use this blend, is to apply small amounts to the entire body while your bath water is running in, and then soaking in the warm bath after you have applied the oil.

This blend can be used in a full body massage as long as you are planning to go to sleep after the massage.

For tips on types of massage and various massage techniques, please click here.

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