• Herbal Face Wash, mild, gentle, effective face cleanser, remove pollution oil grit grime, no drying or stripping skin of its natural acid mantle protection.

Herbal Face Wash


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This ultra-mild face wash will gently, yet effectively cleanse your skin while improving the tone, quality and health of your skin. It contains various herbs such as camomile, hibiscus, soy and white lily.

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Product Description

Our Herbal Face Wash is extremely mild and gentle, yet is a super effective cleanser that will remove all pollution, oil, grit and grime, as well as make-up (if used) from your skin without causing it to dry out or stripping the skin of its natural acid mantle protection.

General information on our Herbal Face Wash

There are few face washes that actually contain the amount of active ingredients that you will find in our Herbal Face Wash. Although a face wash or cleanser is meant to rid the skin of all unwanted dirt, grime, pollution, make-up etc – it can at the same time do so much more to combat the ravages of every-day living, and at the same time promote a softer, wrinkle-free and younger-looking skin.

The unique formulation of our Herbal Face Wash will help to calm and soothe the skin. If any skin complaints or problems are present, it will also help sort them out, and also prevent any skin problems from starting. A facial toner is not required, as the pH of the skin is not compromised with the facial wash, and no grimy residue is left – so there is no reason for using a toner – which again is a money-saving feature.


Our Herbal Face Wash has an unique and extraordinary formula, in which a blend of various pure herbs and natural ingredients are combined to create this remarkable product. It contains the following herbs and natural ingredients: camomile, rosemary, sage, thyme, lavender, hibiscus, soy and white lily.

  • It has a special chemical composition and is ideal for use on sensitive and delicate skin. It has excellent decongestant properties, as well as being a powerful anti-inflammatory.
  • Apart from the anti-allergy effect it has, it is also active in wound healing, as well as healing ulcers.
  • Furthermore, it has great scavenging properties for neutralizing free radicals, thereby preventing oxidative stress and aging, while the vaso-dilating properties promote circulation to the skin.
  • On the scalp it is just as effective and helps to prevent any itching and rashes, and is often included in good quality hair care products.
  • It has two important properties – it is an outstanding free radical scavenger and therefore has amazing antioxidant properties, and secondly has a remarkable stimulating effect on the skin.
  • Apart from this, it has good antiseptic properties and is traditionally used for hair and scalp stimulation, as well as in anti-aging products.
  • It has rubefacient properties and therefore is most useful when an increase of blood flow is required or when below-par circulation needs to be rectified.
  • It contains rosmarinic acid that has good antioxidant properties, which are reinforced by the picrosalvin also found in sage.
  • Furthermore it has antimicrobial and antiviral effects and is often used in hair care for combating greasy and oily hair, by regulating the sebum production of the scalp, and in skin care, to treat and prevent skin problems such as acne.
  • It is an excellent tonic for the scalp and hair, and in folk medicine it has been used to prevent hair loss as it invigorates and sets off new growth.
  • It is often used in hair tonics or specialized hair products to promote hair growth and to help treat dandruff and hair loss.
  • The phenolic compounds in thyme have good antiseptic properties, which makes it particularly helpful in cosmetics to help prevent any skin problems.
  • It is mainly used for its antiseptic and anti-dandruff properties, but also has antibacterial, spasmolytic (relieving spasms) and local pain killing actions.
  • It also contains ursolic acid, which is not only antibacterial, but is also active against lipid oxidation and inhibits elastase – which results in tissue degeneration, inflammatory processes as well as tissue degradation, such as psoriasis and eczemas.
  • The rosmarinic acid and polyphenolic derivatives have good antioxidant properties, which are helpful in countering aging.
  • It contains a host of beneficial compounds, but in essence it acts on the horny layer of the skin to reduce the cohesion between the corneocytes, which affects the thickness of the skin and also increases skin moisture.
  • This results in an improvement of skin flexibility and a higher moisture level.
  • Hibiscus also contains anthocyanocides, which have astringent, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant (free radical scavenging activity) properties. It inhibits the enzyme that causes elastase and hyaluronidase, while at the same time enhancing the retention of the skin’s hydric content.
  • The oil has a regenerative effect on the cutaneous tissues due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids and therefore enhances local circulation in the area treated to bring about revitalization of the dermis.
  • The combined properties of soybean oil makes it a valued emollient for cosmetic use.
  • Not only is it a superb moisturizer, but its intrinsic phytoestrogen content is valuable in promoting good skin care. The protease inhibitor effect that it has can play a role in fighting unwanted changes in the cell, since it has anti-tumor properties.
  • What stands out is the high proportion of phytosterols. These components have been attributed with the improvement of certain disorders of the conjunctive tissue and cutaneous injuries, because they cause an increase in collagen biosynthesis of the fibroblasts and enhance the reduction of the reticular collagen.
  • They may therefore be used in specific treatments for aged skin, thanks to their revitalizing and emollient properties.
white lily
  • It has been traditionally used to treat abscesses, boils, skin ulcers, wounds and burnt skin.
  • Recent studies have also shown that the saponins in white lily can inhibit certain skin cancer activation.
  • It is used to treat cuperosis (couperose/cuperose), where the skin is covered with small-dilated blood vessels.
  • Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory, protective, hydrating, moisturizing and emollient properties, which in turn help with skin elasticity.

Full List Of Ingredients

For a full list of ingredients in our Ageless Herbal Face Wash, please click here

Directions for use

Dampen face and neck. Place a small amount of Herbal Face Wash on tips of fingers and massage into entire face (including the eye and neck area) using small circular movements. Rinse off with tepid water, and repeat if removing make-up. Finish off by applying Ageless Herbal Day or Night Cream. Ageless Herbal Eye Gel can also be applied around the eye area.


  • Natural herbs and botanical extracts help clean your skin and promote skin health.
  • Contains no strong chemicals and other ingredients that can burn or harm the skin.
  • Removes all dirt, grime, pollution, make-up and excess oil from the skin.
  • Has a soothing and calming action on the skin.
  • Promotes a younger and fresher looking complexion.
  • Helps to improve the color, texture and firmness of the skin.
  • Easy-to-use and very economical.
  • Money-back guarantee.

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