• Rosemary Treatment Conditioner, treatment for your hair, nourish your hair, and improve the volume, texture and manageability of your crowning glory.

Rosemary Treatment Conditioner


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To get your hair in prime condition, we combined fresh rosemary with nettle and vegetable protein to nourish and feed your hair, plus camomile and birch to add shine and green tea to protect.

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Product Description

Our Rosemary Treatment Conditioner is more than just the normal run-of-the-mill hair conditioner – it is more like a treatment for your hair. All the herbal and botanical extracts will nourish your hair, and improve the volume, texture and manageability of your crowning glory.

General information on our Rosemary Treatment Conditioner

We have achieved the perfect balance in our Rosemary Treatment Conditioner – it provides moisture to the hair shaft, conditions and nourishes the hair cuticles, whilst at the same time adding volume and shine. Since styling, chemical treatments and normal everyday care can impact negatively on your hair, we included pure vegetable protein, extracted from the cell membranes of carrots, to help “build” and nourish your hair to improve flexibility, shine and volume.

Although our Rosemary Treatment Conditioner helps restore the vitality and health of your hair, it does not weigh it down, nor does it cause your hair to become greasy or oily. Even though the Rosemary Treatment Conditioner can be used every day, you will find that you should only use it weekly, and after your very first use, you will be able to see and feel the difference in your hair – the improved flexibility, the way it shines, the volume, as well as the nourished and cared-for look that it will show.


Our Rosemary Treatment Conditioner has an unique and extraordinary formula, in which a blend of various pure herbs and natural ingredients are combined to create this remarkable product. It contains the following herbs and natural ingredients: birch sap, jojoba, camomile, vegetable protein, green tea, nettle and rosemary.

birch sap
  • This is an effective astringent and has good antibacterial properties, with a very positive effect on the elasticity of the skin, It also helps to eliminate toxins.
  • It has an amazing healing action on problem skin and is often used for psoriasis, acne and eczema.
  • In hair care it acts as a general hair tonic, and is also used to control oily hair and scalp.
  • It is an extremely functional ingredient in hair and scalp preparations as scalp related problems are caused by a hardened build-up of sebum that clogs the hair follicles and may cause some types of scaling.
  • If this hardened build-up is not removed, it can eventually obstruct the hair follicle’s ability to function properly, which can lead to a loss of the hair shaft, and ultimately, death of the follicle.
  • Jojoba rapidly penetrates down to the scalp and hair shaft, and readily loosens and dissolves this hardened build-up. The scalp and hair follicles are left clean and free to continue their normal function.
  • It is also an excellent soil-dissolving agent, which can remove sticky build-up on the hair from many modern hair preparations as well as airborne particulates. Jojoba will leave the hair clean and supple.
  • Jojoba exhibits a matchless keratoplastic effect that leaves the hair shimmering and brings out the hair’s natural color overtones and brilliance, and a periodic treatment with jojoba oil being massaged into the scalp and hair, and then left to do its work, can make a vast difference to the quality of your hair as well as the health of your scalp.
  • It has a special chemical composition and is ideal for use on sensitive and delicate skin. It has excellent decongestant properties, as well as being a powerful anti-inflammatory. Apart from the anti-allergy effect it has, it also is active in wound healing, as well as healing ulcers.
  • Furthermore, it has great scavenging properties for neutralizing free radicals, and thereby preventing oxidative stress and aging, while the vaso-dilating properties promote circulation to the skin.
  • On the scalp it is just as effective and also helps to prevent any itching and rashes, and is often included in good quality hair care products.
vegetable protein
  • Vegetable protein – Extensin – is nature’s answer to a natural “collagen” alternative, and lends moisture as well as nourishment to the hair.
  • This vegetable protein is extracted from the cellular walls of carrots and is therefore totally pure and natural.
green tea
  • It has three major benefits – Firstly, it is a powerful antioxidant, thereby reducing free radical damage in the skin. Secondly, it is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, thereby reducing inflammation in the skin. And thirdly and most importantly, it has an inhibitory action on collagenase – an enzymatic action in the skin where the collagen is broken down, resulting in more firm and elastic skin.
  • The flavonoids and catechols in green tea provide it with vitamin P properties. The tannins in its chemical composition give it astringent properties, whereas the polyphenolic compounds also act as an astringent, but also protect the skin, and later bring about vasoconstriction, reducing inflammation in the affected area. Cell regeneration is caused as well as a wound healing activity.
  • In hair care it can be used with great success to improve the gloss and shine of the hair as well as the tensile strength.
  • It is an extraordinary remineralizer of the skin and hair. It has haemostatic properties and provides natural silica to the skin and hair.
  • The flavonoids and saponins in horsetail have great cell rejuvenating and regenerating properties and also have a stabilizing effect on the connective tissue, thereby increasing the firmness and elasticity of the skin and adding to the structural strength of hair.
  • Its extraordinary effect on the skin even prompted the Commission E to approve it, as treatment for wounds. It is the flavonoids that are responsible for its unique wound healing and tissue repair actions.
  • This plant has been used since antiquity, but today it is only really used in premium hair care products for its success on the scalp to treat seborrhoeic conditions, as well as to fight and prevent dandruff.
  • It has two important properties – firstly, it is an outstanding free radical scavenger and therefore has amazing antioxidant properties, and secondly, has a remarkable stimulating effect on the skin.
  • Apart from this, it has good antiseptic properties and is traditionally used for hair and scalp stimulation, as well as in anti-aging products.
  • It has rubefacient properties and therefore is most useful when an increase of blood flow is required or when below-par circulation needs to be rectified.
  • When used in fair concentrations in hair products, it not only has a stimulating effect, but also results in forming an extraordinary hair and scalp conditioning product.

Directions for use

Wash with Rosemary Shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Apply a small amount of Rosemary Treatment Conditioner to the hair and scalp and gently massage in. Leave on the hair for at least 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and dry the hair. Style as required.


  • Nourishes and “feeds” the hair without hair getting limp and oily.
  • Adds volume, shine, flexibility and strength.
  • This is really a hair treatment, and not a normal hair conditioner – and people often just use this conditioner treatment once every two weeks.
  • Makes your hair easy to manage, and helps to loosen tangles, snares and snags.
  • Helps to repair damaged hair – be that from mechanical or chemical mistreatment.
  • Economical to use, as you do not need it every hair-wash day.
  • Never have a “bad hair-day” again.
  • Money-back guarantee.

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